The meditation meetings are in Dutch.
There is currently no English program offered. However, if there are 2 or more people who would like to join an English meeting, we can discuss this. So if you don’t speak or understand Dutch, but you do understand English and if you would like to meditate with other people, you can sign up. If there are more registrations, we may be able to organize a weekly or biweekly meditation meeting in English. To register please call or send an app to: 06-15455091.

About Zen

One of the first times I walked into a meditation room, I saw a book about the great Japanese Zen master Dogen (1200-1253). In the paradoxical title  – Dogen, Mystical realist – I think I had a first taste of what Zen could offer me: to gain insight into how the mystical and the real miraculously coincide and are not mutually exclusive. Or expressed in classical Zen jargon: how form and emptiness are one. The ancient Chinese Zen master Shitou (700-790) wrote a famous poem about it, the Sandokai. The poem is still recited daily in many Zen temples and monasteries. Loosely translated, it means the friendship between the many and the one. Zen refers to the direct experience of this reality, your life.

Zen is about your life and nothing else. So going the Zen way is nothing but living your own life to the fullest, with everything that goes with it, nothing excepted. Meditation is a very suitable tool to connect directly with this, with the life that you are, wonderful and very concrete at the same time.

Zen is not an improvement trajectory, life is not an improvement trajectory. It’s about being able to be completely where you are now. How you do that is not about improving, but much more about looking carefully and examining, accepting, recognizing what is, and so on. It is much more about insight, about love: that is where the potential for liberation is. And that’s not so much something that you yourself accomplish, but is much more like: Oooh, that’s how it works…